Homma himaan is one of the finalist ideas in the Vuosisadan Rakentajat (Builders of the Century) challenge prize. Vuosisadan rakentajat is looking for ideas that improve young people’s wellbeing and enable the young to participate in society more fully both now and in the future.

Homma himaan will create a service that supports young people to find home and work. It is a platform where it is possible to offer apartments for young people who could compensate part of their rent by work. We will connect young people who are looking for a reasonably priced home with the people who can offer this. Our service will support the young to get independent and bounce further in their lives At the same time we will create new kind of communities. 

We are open to all questions and cooperation ideas. If you want to contact us, please e-mail: miki.mielonen@hel.fi